Ell-squared (Ella Matthews and Elisa Sallis) is a must-buy two-for-one offer, bringing together two minds to create the epitome of kitsch and gaudy art that defies the white cube's subliminal notions of how art should be viewed. We employ humour not only to disarm the audience, but also to relieve tensions within our underlying overlooked themes. 

 Whilst we recognise the relationship we bring into the artistic sphere as a shared endeavour, our combined output can also be appreciated as independent entities. Both practises examine the humour inherent in everyday continual consumption, as well as how aesthetic judgments provide us with a sense of freedom within our practice due to the preconceived assumptions surrounding our subjects. 

Our mission is to bring craft and textile approaches into the realm of fine art. We use the limitations placed on kitsch women to reflect on how we communicate with the general public by elevating the 'feminine craft cliché' to the same level as high art. As a result, rather than focusing on high art traits, our collective work has become hyper-kitsch. A bit of all or nothin.

Our bread-and-butter surmises of incorporating materiality into mundane products to create approachable, immersive, and playful environments. It is our goal to create installations that feel inclusive rather than exclusive to the wider public. Participation is not only intrinsic within our physical practice by creating installations that can be touched and engaged with, but it also extends to our wider public outreach.   

 This has been accomplished through a series of external exhibitions that address the lack of tactile and 'not so serious' art that deters the public from approaching these spaces. Thus, we have been able to teach craft and textile methods to younger generations in order to promote the justification of craft art as an essential and conscious fine art medium through our continuous outreach efforts inside the university. If the residency is granted to us, we intend to continue our kitsch activism by extending our public outreach through rug-making workshops within the studio space given to us as well as preserving our engagement with the university. We do not gatekeep.